Nature of Code – Rhino, Grasshopper, Python


Nature of Code by Daniel Shiffman is an introduction to creating computer simulations of physical environments.

In the fall of 2013 I did a rough translation of it into Python in Grasshopper/Rhino.  I decided to do a series of videos because this would be helpful to the next person who wanted to try it.  Also this forced me to know it well enough to explain it.

My Advice:

Go through the first two or three chapters.  If you feel I am going to slow, go to and translate it into python yourself.

I got bogged down in the chapter about rotation planes and pendulums.  Coding a 3d pendulum is a bit harder than a 2d pendulum.   You might try to skip this chapter.  The solution I found works but is a bit convoluted.

I struggled against my limited coding skills with this project as well as my presentation abilities.  Working through each in a public way was beneficial to me but asks for patience.