Making Of The Running Horse


Sculpting a horse with accurate anatomy is challenging on many different levels.  The order I worked through this project is the following:

  • Sculpted the horse digitally
  • 3d Printed
  • Made a wax copy (by molding the plastic)
  • Refined the forms and added detail
  • Made a master mold.  Poured new waxes for each finished piece (10 so far)
  • The Art Castings of Colorado poured the bronze using the waxes I cleaned.
  • Welded the sections together and detailed them
  • Applied patination
  • A friend and I made the white oak wood bases in his workshop


Digital Sculpting

I have been exploring digital sculpting for a few years.  In the past I was working algorithmically on abstract sculpture.  With the growing accessibility to decent 3d printers I decided to move in that direction with my representational work as well.  This proved to be more time consuming than I initially thought.  I modeled the horse in zBrush.

What is zBrush?



I worked through several anatomy books.  I made a rough ecorche model in zBrush that focuses on leg musculature.  I relied on observation for the head and neck muscles and didn’t analyze them via ecorche.  I am eager to study the neck and torso in more depth.


Constantly studying from life, I try to observe and include everything.



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